Print Ready Artwork

Print Ready Artwork

Getting your artwork ready for business cards, flyers, posters and similar can be a bit of a nightmare when printing companies start using professional names for things, like resolution rates, bleed or no bleed, then tell you that your graphic that you have spent hours on isn't clear enough. It can end up costing you a small fortune in time and money on what was supposed to be a simple job.

Send us your file and your print requirement then we can liaise with your print company to find out the print file requirements and then I will contact you with a quote for the work that we will do for you. Or we can source a printer of our own, get a quote for the work, then agree the final artwork with you. It's easy with NuNet!


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Spring Website design special offer

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NuNet are into construction, drainage, groundworks, house cladding and such.

Building firms, Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Painters - please don't rely on word of mouth alone, use a new website as your e-brochure. NuNet specialise in construction industry websites, just tell us about your business and we will help you do the rest.